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Welch's Okinawan Karate
Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan
Jr. Black Belt Class 10 AM 6/13/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/15/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/16/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/17/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/18/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/19/2009
All Black Belts 10 AM 6/20/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/22/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/23/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/24/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/25/2009
Summer Camp, 1st Session 6/26/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 6/29/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 6/30/2009
Jr. Black Belt Class 10 AM 6/6/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 7/1/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 7/10/2009
All Black Belts 10 AM 7/11/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/13/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/14/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/15/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/16/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/17/2009
Bill Hayes Seminar, Chicago IL 7/18/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 7/2/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/20/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/21/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/22/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/23/2009
Summer Camp, 3rd Session 7/24/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 7/3/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 7/6/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 7/7/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 7/8/2009
Summer Camp, 2nd Session 7/9/2009
All Black Belts 10 AM 8/1/2009
World Karate Tournament, Okinawa 8/14/2009
World Karate Tournament, Okinawa 8/15/2009
World Karate Tournament, Okinawa 8/16/2009
World Karate Tournament, Okinawa 8/17/2009

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